Restoration of openings

We repair drills with diameters from 20 to 600 mm on a wide range of machines. We replace axles and bushings.

We have mobile surfacing and turning machines for surfacing and turning rods, booms, buckets and other types of steel structures on site or at the customer. We can restore the hole geometry of virtually any part using surface finishing and turning.

Our company offers

High quality

100% of clients are satisfied with our work

We work fast

Experienced staff and modern technology

Licences and permits

We have all the licences you need to carry out the work

A flexible approach

We don't just do the work - we solve your problems

Caring for nature

We recycle 100% of our production waste


3 months or longer warranty

Turn-key projects

We deliver projects in a "turnkey" format

Working at the client location

If necessary, we will work on the client location

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