MB Crusher Buckets

Areas of use

Demolition of structures. Recycling and composting. Pipe laying. Tunnels and subways. Foundries. Road building. Quarries and earthworks. Quarries. Enclosed spaces. Fine screening. Urban construction sites. Improvement of green areas, agricultural land and forestry areas. Mining developments. Industrial sites. Material handling and separation.

Exclusive MB Crusher benefits

– Material adjustment at the outlet is guaranteed even when the jaws are worn.
– Maximum crusher feed window sizes available on the market in relation to the weight of the working machine.
– Optimal structure geometry guarantees high product quality.
– Easy and quick maintenance, no oil change required.
– AAA+ hydraulic system, extends the life of the excavator.
– Adjustment devices reduce vibrations on the boom of the working machine.

MB Crusher designs and manufactures equipment for shredding, demolition and recycling

MB Crusher was the first company to develop the jaw crusher for excavators. Investments in technological research have contributed to the development of products applicable to all work equipment. These attachments transform the machines into true mobile crushers, increasing their productivity and improving the use of resources on the construction site. The development of MB Crusher has made the company a world leader in its field. A complete range of products, providing customers with the technological solutions they need. Guaranteed products and certified quality.

MB Crusher solutions for all equipment

MB Crusher offers professionals the widest range of equipment capable of making construction sites and facilities of any size independent and competitive both in terms of footprint and volume of work carried out. All MB equipment has been designed to be used in all situations, including the most extreme: there are no restrictions related to the type of job site, the location, or even the type of special equipment. You’ll always find the right MB for you: we offer equipment for excavators weighing 70 t or more and mini excavators from 3.5 t upwards, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and telescopic handlers. Straightforward and fast installation, regardless of the size of the MB equipment.

High quality

100% of clients are satisfied with our work

We work fast

Experienced staff and modern technology


3 months or longer warranty

Working at the client location

If necessary, we will work on the client location